Elevate Your Business with High-Impact Fractional Executive Support

How Fractional Executive Support Can Fuel Your Business Growth

Streamlined Operations Management:

Create or refine processes and strategy to enhance efficiency and achieve your goals.

Robust Infrastructure Development

Build the foundational systems your business needs to scale and thrive.

Effective Recruiting & Talent Strategy

Align your staffing and business objectives to elevate growth and team performance.

Founder - Alicia Howard

At The People Scale, I combine strategic insight with a genuine passion for people, creating environments where both efficiency and team spirit thrive.

Drawing on 17 years of operational experience, nearly a decade of business coaching, and executive leadership roles, I specialize in transforming your core operations, team dynamics, and growth strategies.

At The People Scale, my comprehensive expertise fuels an approach that nurtures both your business's efficiency and your team's potential.

Executive Reveals Why You Can Trust The People Scale

"My decade-long experience working with Alicia Howard has been extraordinary.

As our Chief Operations Officer, Alicia was instrumental in scaling Snappy Kraken from a small team to over a hundred employees.Her expertise in transforming challenges into growth opportunities and developing scalable processes is exceptional.

Alicia's coaching and leadership skills are invaluable, especially for startups at any stage seekng to enhance their structure, culture strategy, and people management.

I wholeheartedly recommend her to organizations aiming for significant growth and improvement."

Robert Sofia - CEO

Hear From Those Who've Seen Significant Transformations in Their Organizations

Why Partner with Me?

Proven Success

My track record of transforming businesses into top-performing entities is clear.

People-First Approach

I believe in nurturing an environment that supports both professional success and personal well-being.

Personalized Coaching

 Every engagement is tailored to meet the specific challenges and opportunities you face.

Connect with me today and discover how The People Scale can make a significant difference in your organization. Let’s create something extraordinary together.

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