Unlock Explosive Growth Through Talent:

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Your fast track to a growth-driven team without expensive talent mistakes.

Get answers to these high-growth challenges:

  • Is your talent truly driving growth?

  • Can you afford the hidden costs of a bad hire?

  • Got time to master recruitment and retention on your own?

The 1-Page Growth Plan to Unlocking Explosive Growth

Every Founder Needs (No Fluff)

Time's precious, and fluff's not welcome.

That’s why "Unlock Explosive Growth: Hire and Retain the Right Team to Propel Your Startup Now!"

is the straight-to-the-point guide you've been searching for. Inside?

Proven strategies to get your hiring spot-on, ensure your team's driving growth,

and solidify your startup's foundation.

From zeroing in on the right talent without overspending to ensuring they

stay committed for the long haul, this guide covers it all.

Think of it as the blueprint, the roadmap, the secret sauce – whatever you want to call it. What's certain?

It’s the tool that'll save you time, money, and headaches most founders endure.

Dive in, extract the gold, and watch your startup soar. Time to act.

Let's Get to Work.

  • Empower your startup with mission-driven talent

  • Maximize ROI with every strategic hire

  • Unlock the secrets of retention mastery

Meet the Founder

Alicia Howard, CBC, CBCS

Founder and Talent Consultant

Group Coaching | 1:1 Consulting | Fractional Support

I’ve lived the startup journey you’re embarking on. With over 16 years in business, navigating the meticulous process of scaling startups and running the heartbeat of operations, I’ve garnered not just expertise but wisdom. Moving from Seed to Series A in a remarkable 20 months and scaling to 8-figures? Check. Leading an acquisition and securing a spot as a best place to work for five consecutive years? Absolutely. I’ve transformed my own painful hiring errors into a dynamic framework that champions the creation of mission-driven, growth-fueled teams. If you’re a Seed-funded founder, let’s strategically sidestep those talent mishaps together and build a team that authentically resonates with your vision. Your success narrative, co-authored with an experienced, empathetic ally, starts here.


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